… to a lesbian conception adventure!

8 months

J turned 8 months old on K’s third birthday.

He continues to be a delightful baby, smiley and cheerful most of the time with very few tears except when he is hungry or hurts himself, which happens more with each passing day as he explores his world.  He does not startle easily, which was good not only during the fourth of July fireworks, but also when his sister yells in his face to “make him laugh” (which, to be fair, he often does).

He has become increasingly vocal and we have heard “ma” sounds on more than one occasion, sometimes seemingly connected to wanting milk or more.  He also signs milk and we could probably teach him other signs but have not really bothered, partly because there hasn’t been a need and probably also because he is insistent enough with the milk sign that we’re not convinced he (we) needs others.  He has also taken to grunting when he wants to eat and in between every bite to show that you are not feeding him fast enough.

Which leads us to eating.  This month, we learned that J has an eggplant allergy when the eggplant that he was eating left a rash all around his mouth and on his leg where it touched.  It remained just a rash, fortunately, but it was unpleasant for a while for us moms.  J just went merrily about his life without any particular reaction.  Other than the eggplant, he has eaten so many new vegetables and fruits along with a bit of most things that we eat.  He has a voracious appetite and if he is at the table with fellow eaters, he wants something in his mouth.  We have used a lot more jarred foods this time around, but he seems to prefer texture and we give that to him whenever we can.  He has gotten better and better at feeding himself, though we are happy to feed him some of the messier foods in a way we never did with K, mostly because the cleanup is twice as challenging with a three year old underfoot.  J’s favorite foods are probably his oatmeal and his bananas, but he will eat almost anything, so long as it is not cold.  To be fair, when something is cold, he will usually still eat it after making some of the most dissatisfied faces you’ve ever seen.

In terms of movement, look out world.  J continues to army crawl everywhere he wants to go – and fast!  He has at times gotten up on his hands and knees but has little interest when he needs to get somewhere.  He loves to stand and likes bouncing up and down when standing.  At 8 months, he was also just getting the hang of sitting, though that has gotten better and he finds himself in a sitting position more frequently now.

Loves include his food, his sister, and his moms.  Dislikes include hurting himself and getting startled.  He also dislikes being hungry and/or not being able to eat when others are eating.  We can never move fast enough to feed him – whether to keep up putting food into his mouth or onto his tray.

Overall, still an awesome baby!  We’ll keep him 🙂


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