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J at 11 months

J is just over 11 months old.  Almost a year.  And he is still delightful.  He crawls like a typical baby now instead of a zombie and zooms around everywhere.  He has been climbing and cruising and standing for a few seconds on his own.  He gets into everything he can and is far more destructive than I remember his sister being at this age – and puts himself far more frequently into harm’s way (though that may be partly him and partly the byproduct of him being around a 3 year old all the time).

He is fascinated by how things work.  He loves putting items inside of boxes, his animals inside of the barn – he loves seeing how things fit and removing them and trying again.  He has started building with the big legos, likes the wooden blocks, and works on his big board puzzles.  It is amazing to witness his little mind work, his grunts of frustration as he tries and tries, and his smiles when he finally does what he wanted to do.

He still loves to eat-  he eats anything and everything and when I’m not around will crawl to his high chair to look for food (when I am around he just looks for me).  I don’t know that he has many “favorites” but he does seem to enjoy fruit a lot, just like his sister.  He also really likes spaghetti – will eat bowl after bowl after bowl – and the other night when we went out to dinner, ate an entire kids pancake the size of a dinner plate (plus some eggs plus a bite of toast).  He still nurses and takes bottles (and cups) but doesn’t seem to need the milk to abate hunger the ways his sister did.

He likes music.  He will hold C’s hands and “dance” – bopping up and down.  He sometimes makes noise along with the music, though I would not call it singing.  He loves the water and does a happy dance when it is bathtime.  He likes splashing and yelling and flipping around in the water and trying to climb (which we do not allow but is really challenging to stop safely with all the slipperyness that is happening).  He also likes the bath toys.

He can say “Mama” “More” and “Meh” (Milk).  He waves hello and goodbye and he said “Buh” a few times the other day.  He also has said “Duh” (Dog) a few times but it is not a common word.  To be fair, he doesn’t need to say a whole bunch because his sister is always right there.

He has just started getting into books.  He particularly likes the books that have touch and feel elements though he will open and close any book and we have at times put him to bed with a book that he opens and closes until he falls asleep.  He also likes putting books into boxes and pulling them out.

J is still a good sleeper for the most part.  He is usually down between 8 and  8:30, wakes up once between 5 and 5:30 and then again at 7.  He went through a brief phase this past month of waking up 3:30 / 4 am but is skewing back toward the 5 and I am okay with that.  On fussy nights he will sometimes sleep in bed with us; the other night he spent at least half an hour “laying in bed” by climbing all over me and making happy sounds.

J is my baby all the way – he lights up whenever I come in a room and often wants to be with me.  He will still go to others without much of a fuss and isn’t particularly anxious when he is at daycare or with a sitter.  He snuggles with C and will fall asleep on her from time to time.  His adores his big sister and tries to play anything that she is playing no matter what we give him to distract him.  Recently, the two of them were playing in a play tunnel – K would chase him through the tunnel and he would giggle and giggle.  We frequently remind K to be gentle with him (and not to feed him and not to yell right in his ear and please dont shine the light in his eye… ) but he takes almost everything in stride.  He still rarely fusses or cries, though he has shown a fierce temper more and more that makes us kind of nervous about what 2 and 3 might look like, particularly when he throws down because he wanted something and we took it or we did something else he didn’t much like.

It is so hard to believe that a year ago I was sitting and wondering when he would show up and that now we are planning for his 1st rainbow fun birthday party.


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