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J at One

So at the speed of having two kids, it is now January and J has been one for just over a month.

We celebrated his first birthday on the actual day the weekend after Thanksgiving.  The “theme” was rainbow colors, just like his big sister.  Dinner was spaghetti – his absolute favorite – and his cake was funfetti with chocolate frosting, which he devoured.

At a year old, J is the same easy-going, smiley, easy-to-please baby that he has been his whole life.  Words include “mama” and “more” and “pop” with a couple inconsistent “mommys” thrown in there.  He crawls around fiercely and pulls himself up on things but has not taken steps, though we anticipate it any day.  He loves looking at how things work, which is a big difference from when his sister was the same age – he will watch one of us do something and then work his hardest to figure out how to do it himself.  It is amazing to watch him puzzle it together and make things happen.

He still loves to eat.  Almost everything – he continues to dislike broccoli and push aside many green things on his plate, with the exception of peas, though he ultimately eats most of his food.  He enjoys cheerios, fruit, black beans, spaghetti, and anything his sister gives him, which is anything she can whenever she gets the chance.

At one, I stopped pumping and we introduced cows milk, which he enjoys less than breastmilk but will sometimes drink.  He continues to nurse voraciously and if he is sitting with me is often looking to eat.  That being said, even at night he can usually be settled by C if she cuddles him and waits him out, which is nice on the occasional night I have a late meeting or am otherwise occupied.

He likes music and will “sing,” clap, and dance.  He bounces along to almost any song and sometimes frustrates his sister with his clapping in the car (the joys of having two!).  He is less interested in sitting still to read books together, but seems to be listening as he crawls around the room while I read.

Overall, J is a cheerful little person who seems content to just be.  He constantly explores his world, is developing increasing body awareness, and is learning about cause and effect.  In between his constant movement, he spends time cuddling, nursing, laughing, and watching.  Perhaps because I am writing this at the start of a new year, it seems that he has so much to teach and I have so much to learn from his calm go-with-the-flow demeanor.



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