… to a lesbian conception adventure!

… because it felt like a separate post.

At 14 months old, J is magical.  He is a happy, bubbly, cuddly baby (toddler, I know!) who loves to explore the world.  After some steps at the end of December, he has just started really toddling around, though he often resorts to crawling when he is on a mission.  He likes balls and blocks and some books (his favorites are the one that starts “A c.ow says m.oo” and “Brown Bear” (tonight he said “brown bear” while C was reading it to him).  He loves trying to figure out how things work and is pretty amazing at looking at something until he can piece together how he can make it do whatever it is supposed to do.

Words include Mama, MaMA (how he says Mommy), dog, ball, teeth, eat, more, mouth, block, banana (nana), Nana (his grandmother), Pop, grandma (apparently, according to my mother 😉 ), hi, bye, and probably a handful more that I can’t remember.  He doesn’t string words together so much but he often uses gestures to get his point across (and we are pretty good at reading him and don’t have the energy to ask him to talk before giving him something the way we did with K – true second child facts).  He delights in being understood and loves when we “get” something he is trying to tell us (like when he gestures across the room at the bananas and says “MORE!”)

He likes to nurse but it is different than it was with his sister.  J clearly wants to nurse but is not nearly as I-NEED-IT-NOW as I remember his sister being at this age.  He also needs less to settle at night and putting him down is not the acrobat routine it was with K.

J loves to eat still but has become increasingly picky about some foods and refuses to eat a few (mostly green vegetables) all together.  He also notices when he has something different than everyone else and angles to get equal food treatment via gestures and complaints.  His favorite foods are bananas, spaghetti, most all other fruit.  He detests broccoli.  When he does like something he can eat several helpings which already has us nervous for his teenage years.

J likes all of us, but he especially lights up for K.  He is fascinated by the things she does and is getting better and better and mimicking her.  The best is when the two of them play together – K can be such a good little leader, giving J space to play and helping him out as needed.

I love everything about this age – still baby enough to pick up and carry and cuddle and nurse but big enough to help us get his arms in his shirts, eat his own food, not need pumping from me, and truly engage with the world.  Tonight we played with several figures and he had a great time making the horse say “neigh,” particularly when I would repeat it.  He also liked putting the wooden people inside their wooden helicopter.  It is amazing to watch him puzzle over something until “a-ha!” he gets it.



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