… to a lesbian conception adventure!

Behind the Door

Who we are (sort of)

We’re two women who are going to be trying to have a baby!

We met in high school, began dating a couple years later, and have been in a relationship ever since. We got married with the blessing and attendance of almost all of our friends and family and even recently purchased our first home, which we share with our wonderful, crazy dog (henceforth known as Wonderdog).

We’ve talked about children for years in the should-we shouldn’t-we way. In the past year, the discussion has become more serious and while we’re still nervous about the changes opening this partiuclar door will bring, we’re thrilled to be moving forward.

Like so many others, we are into anonymity while also divulging some of the most personal information about our steps toward motherhood. Not having a crystal ball and knowing that good intentions can be heartbreaking, we don’t want to share the process with friends and family until we’re well into it.

Why the door theme?

It started as a fortune cookie: “Doors will open for you in many areas of your life.”

But there’s more to it. As a same-sex couple, the door isn’t just going to open for us through any kind of intimacy. So we must push the door open. Yet at the same time, though we have exerted more control in our decision making, we are still at the whim of whatever fate-God-chance that chooses to open (or not open) the door the rest of the way. So our blog name is the active “Opening the Door” as we step forward, but our blog URL recognizes the passive reality that we really have no control whatsoever.


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  1. Hey I think this is great! Best of luck to you : )

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