… to a lesbian conception adventure!

Our Timeline

TTC 1.0

September 1999 – August 2002

We become acquaintances through a mutual friend. Spend intermittent time together, generally with mutual friend. Continue this pattern for a couple years, slowly becoming friends and then closer friends.

August 2002 – August 2010

After spending lots of time together and becoming closer than ever, we practically are dating though neither of us admits it. In December, we make it “official” and begin dating, telling our friends, etc. We practically live together then we actually live together. We get a dog, we get married, we get a house. The entire time we talk about children on varying levels, from the “one day, when we have kids, ______” to the more serious “how would you like to have kids? What will we tell our families?”

August 2010

Mutual discussion leads us to the conclusion that perhaps we are ready. We agree to get everything in line (finances, medical appointments, the house) so that we are in the realistically best position to move forward (that is, recognizing that there will never be a “perfect time” but giving ourselves the best possible chances and most support).

November 2010

C takes care of a part of the medical aspect of “getting everything in line” and is more ready than ever to move forward. We decide to schedule appointments for the beginning of the year. We choose to schedule appointments with a new PCP prior to any other appointments and hopefully get a referral for an RE from her. The soonest we can see her is the end of January.

January 2011

We see the new PCP and she has little to offer in the way of referrals but does connect us with a former patient who was successful at ttc a few years ago. The former patient calls and provides us with fantastic information about a local RE who did wonderful things for them. We are thrilled to have a name! We decide that X will go first in the baby-making-world-o’-fun.

February 2011

We make an appointment with RE only for X to find out that she needs to get her underactive thyroid in check. PCP recommends a six month wait prior to ttc.  Decide to keep appointment with RE partially to connect and ascertain if we want to use him, partially to confirm PCP’s recommendation.

Visit with RE is fabulous – he spends two hours with us, does a complete exam, and reassures us that we will get pregnant but agrees that the thyroid needs to be in check first. He also tells us about his hefty pricetag. We meet with him on a Friday and on Monday he is already personally calling with lab results (leading us to believe the price tag may be worth it). X is pretty much good to go outside of an elevated hormone level that appears to be adrenal and separate from the thyroid issues. Recommendation is to contact an endocrinologist to get it checked out, since we’re waiting around for the thyroid anyway.

March 2011

Blood draw for thyroid initially leads to no results as the PCP cancels the appointment. Through internet sleuthing and magic, we are able to get the results – a dramatic drop that puts X right in the desired range for pregnancy! We begin talking tentatively again about start dates, recognizing that we want to make sure things are stable and we haven’t talked with the endocrinologist yet.

The endocrinologist appointment at the end of March is awkward at first (thanks to a resident with REALLY poor bedside manner) but improves with the actual meeting of the endocrinologist. She is (cautiously) optimistic about X’s ability to conceive and suggests that it may be that no intervention is needed. A special blood test is ordered which involves an hour of time and an IV to take place at the very end of the month.

Meanwhile, OPKs are used for the March cycle and show a positive right around the time CM is optimal and right before temperatures begin to rise.

June 2011

Follow-up with RE to check-in. Thyroid numbers are still stable, charts are biphasic, all that is needed is a positive OPK, some sperm, and a big check for all his help. Goal is August 2011, following a month of fun and vacations in July.

July 2011

Second appointment with endocrinologist, mostly just a check-in. Thyroid and progesterone levels are checked, all is well. She makes lots of pleasant “when you’re pregnant” statements.

Vacation! Tons of fun but the thermometer is left at home, meaning a biphasic but somewhat incomplete-in-the-luteal-phase chart.

CD 1 of our first real go-round begins on July 21st, just as anticipated. Initial temps are low and consistent, just the way they should be.

After back-and-forth and looking at pictures and talking quite a bit, we choose a donor and order several vials of sperm. If it works on the first try, we have some saved for potential true sibs, if it doesn’t, we are nice and stocked up.

RE is paid. We are ready to go as soon as the OPK says we are!

August 2011

IUI #1 takes place back-to-back on August 4th and 5th. Timing is either really off or “exquisite” as ultrasound reveals that any follicle that was there already ruptured. Doctor makes several good remarks about the sperm.

BFN #1 confirmed August 20th. Plan is to take Letrozole on Day 2 to make next cycle a bit clearer.

September 2011

September 1 & 2: IUI #2, new donor. The September 1st date seemed a bit early but the doctor was confident. Two subsequent days of smiley face OPKs (instead of just the lines) indicate it may have been too early but still confidence abounds

September 21: BFN #2. Plan is to use this cycle as a “diagnostic cycle” complete with HSG. Next ttc cycle: November.

September 30: HSG shows clear tubes.

October 2011

A lot of waiting and choosing new donor since our second choice donor is no longer available. Refill 90 day prenatals and think back to hoping the last batch would be the last batch before I was pregnant. Almost perfect cycle per temperature chart.

November 2011

Ovulation occurs later than anticipated at CD 20. Sperm apparently looks good and we IUI the day before and the day of ovulation, which takes place right around the daylight savings change, making me question my chart (though all other signs are right on so it doesn’t matter much). Hoping for a Thanksgiving surprise 🙂

November 20: Enlarged breasts? Check. Exhaustion? Check. Friend pressuring me to test? Check. Decide to wait one more day (13 dpo) to avoid blank-stick sadness.

November 21: First positive – solid line on a FRER! Blood test later in the day and another positive on an internet cheapie in the evening after drinking water throughout the day.

November 22: Blood test confirms – I am pregnant! HCG at 106 (which means I could have probably tested a couple days sooner). Repeat blood test in one week.

November 29: Get results of second blood test: 3562!  Doubling time around 33 hours. Grow baby grow!

December 2011

December 16: First ultrasound. Measuring exactly on time a 7w3d with a flicker of a heartbeat. (Finally) enough evidence that we call to make a midwife appointment 🙂

December 28: Second ultrasound on a whim at the RE’s office. Measuring right on time, heartbeat is more visible.

July 2012:

Welcome to the world baby K!

TTC 2.0

August 2013:

Been talking about it for a while but finally decide to go see the new RE, since the old one retired.  He gives us a list of to-dos so that we can be ready by November/December for baby making.

October – December 2013:

List of to-dos includes bloodwork with results that end up requiring an extra immunization.  No trying until at least January 2014.  Order sperm, deal with RE drama when we learn that there are more to-dos that were never discussed.  Go ahead and get the to-dos done in time for January, which is just as well since I was sick for most of December and that would not have been fun.

January 2014:

Beginning of the month: anticipating O any day, but never see it.  Based on chart (which is messy thanks to holidays and missing temps), dark-but-not-positive OPK first taken on day 13, and luteal phase, looks like O occurred on New Year’s Eve, fairly early for me and during a time the RE’s office would’ve been closed anyway.  Oh well.

January 15: New cycle begins.

January 29: Positive OPK, go in for IUI the next day.

February 2014:

February 9: Very, very faint positive on a cheap internet pregnancy test.  Hooray!

February 13:  First HCG was 27, second was 40.  Pregnancy is unlikely to be viable.

February 14: HCG at 63.

February 18: HCG at 35.  Waiting to miscarry.

February 21 or so: Began bleeding.

February 24: HCG at 0, given the okay to try again immediately.

March 2014:

March 8: Positive OPK at 11 am.  Call and make appointment for next day

March 9: IUI around 11 am done by female doctor that we had never met (but who was very reassuring).  Hoping this one sticks!

March 19: Positive test at 10 dpo.  If it all sticks, we’re looking at a Thanksgiving baby!

Mach 24: Positive blood test.

November 2014:

November 29: Baby J is born at 4:44 am.


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