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CD 8

… And the livin’ is busy…

At the last minute, C watched our niece last night. I was at work for most of it, but they apparently had a lovely time running errands and making dinner. C sang every great toddler song with her and pointed out the various fruits and vegetables in the store. I came home to a great dinner, all created while watching a very active toddler. Amazing.

We just celebrated our wedding anniversary and while I am very happy as me, C, and Wonderdog (and while part of me is relishing our flexibility and adult time as non-parents ), I can’t wait for C to be singing to our baby in the car and pointing out whatever they might be happening to see and making dinner (or not, because toddlers are not always so cheerful and cooperative). I believe we will both be the parents chatting away with a child too young to really chat, and I am excited for that.



So pretty much everyone has had babies in the past few weeks.

And I’m happy for them. Really.

(Actually, truefax moment, I am MUCH happier after folks have babies then when they’re pregnant. I really have tried to figure out why this is and haven’t come up with anything yet)

That being said, I’d really like a turn now, please. Even though I am committed to waiting a bit longer to get everything settled. Even though we couldn’t try until June at the earliest, most likely.

I’m getting more bloodwork done tomorrow, work that will include an IV! What a fun way to start the day. :-/

Baby Dreams

Dreamed last night that I delivered a baby. The delivery was REMARKABLY easy. I thought the baby weighed 5 lbs but it turned out (when I did (incorrect)¬†metric conversion in my head (in the dream) because the weight was in kg) that it was 3 lbs. But the baby was perfectly healthy (and LARGE for a three pound baby). In the dream, I thought to myself “that must be way the delivery was so easy” — because it was ridiculously easy, as in there’s no baby and look! there’s a baby… in about 2 seconds.

C was in the dream and was clearly excited. We both were. But at the same time, I had a disappointed, let-down feeling and thought to myself that THIS is what I had wanted so badly and that nothing will the same ever again.

Which pretty much sums up the whole conversation about should-we shouldn’t-we. We should because we want children, our living and economic environment is stable enough to support them, time doesnt go on forever. We shouldn’t because life is great right now and while something more might be wonderful, nothing will be the same ever again. And that’s kind of terrifying in its own right.

What’s better than…

… sleeping infant sprawed across you?

Babysat for previously mentioned 13 month old last night. She was pretty much angelic the whole time (a few hours). As in, she tried to pet Wonderdog, she wandered around the house babbling, we read an online book together, and she fell asleep while C and I watched¬†a movie. She’s at that perfect age between cuddling and activity, where she still likes being close to people but clearly has a mind of her own as she bounces around the house looking for whatever she can pick up.


Babies selling babies

I’m sure even in my short amount of posting I’ve posted this before.

But my 13 month old niece sells having babies like it’s her job. From her funny faces to her calm demeanor to the way she comes quickly toddling, hands up in the air when you (even sitting at eye level) put your arms out to her. She cuddles and laughs and plays. And she’s already got a ton of attitude when it comes to “no” — say it and she grins at you as she goes to do whatever was verbally denied her.

Meanwhile C and I have to figure out our timeline; I’d be starting sooner, she’d rather wait a bit longer. My philosophy is “you don’t know if it will take right away and even if it did we’d be ready” ; hers is “our house is a wreck right now.” (To which I respond “but we’d have 9 months!” … to which she responds “for me to move everything alone”)

Also – who DOESN’T love fall weather? It rocks my socks!