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Book Review: The Tao of Fertility

Got some free books last weekend; among them, was the book the Tao of Fertility.

It was a pretty good read, though it focused primarily on women who have chronic infertility, which is a little different than where we are right now.  It gave suggestions on ways to focus on your body and body-mind connection to better support fertility, including food suggestions, acupressure ideas, and exercise and health tips.

I especially appreciated that the author did not exclude the role of Western medicine in his discussions, but instead looked at the way techniques could be blended to produce the best possible outcomes. I also liked that there were tools, such as a fertility checklist, that gave an idea of level of fertility based on a variety of risk factors.

I, meanwhile, have been focusing on the mind-body connection through practice of small amounts of meditation and yoga, neither of which I have really done much of in the past. It’s only been a couple of days, but I feel better and different already. Now that we are 3ish months out from ttc, I am making a big push to get myself as ready as I can, all while knowing that no amount of preparation is a guarantee of anything 🙂