… to a lesbian conception adventure!

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When we started seriously thinking about this process a year or so ago, I thought that the hardest part would be donor selection. And it was, in some ways, but not for the ways I thought.

Turns out when you are searching for an open donor with many recessive characteristics (both physically and medically), you don’t have much of a search at all because suddenly your options are very limited.

So we didn’t have many choices to begin with. And we quickly figured out to pare our desires down to baby photos and medical history, which left us with ¬†two donors. We chose between them by using audio interviews and staff descriptions (did you ever notice that some donors are blatantly described as attractive while others are only described by their interests or talents? Yes, we went for looks and also a BMI that did not seem sickly thin).

We put one of the donors on hold for two weeks while we went on vacation and returned to needing to make a choice. In the meantime, C found one additional donor that we briefly considered the night before we had to decide what to do with our held donor.

In the end, the staff description factor (how honest is that anyway? but at least it’s something!) led us to purchasing the on-hold donor.

We ordered “the stuff,” called the doctor, and sent a check. As long as everything ships like it should, all we are now waiting for is a dark line and a big ol’ smiley face.