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Christmas 2012:

The Plan: “I’ll be off work for ten full days.  Which means I can pump at least once each day, stashing the milk away like a squirrel storing for winter, so that when I go back to work I will be way less anxious about pumping because I will have all the milk.”

The Reality: “It’s the day of our Christmas party, I shouldn’t have to pump.  It’s Christmas Eve / Day New Years Eve / Day, I shouldn’t have to pump.  The baby kept us up half the night and also woke up during my usual pumping time, I shouldn’t have to pump.  We have a sudden baby sitter and we can go out alone, no worries, I have not been pumping but I do have a freezer stash.  We have planned baby sitter to go out to the movies, here’s some more from the freezer stash which I will (and did) replace.”

Needless to say, the boobs weren’t ready for the post-Christmas demand, the freezer stash is dwindling, and I pumped a heckuva lot today for not too much output and plan to do the same tomorrow.  It would help if K could back to her old schedule and my morning supply could go back to its normal robustness.  Kthanks.


23 Weeks

I liked four months and five months is just as fun!

This week was New Years – relaxing – back to work – getting stuff down around the house and K was a champ through most of it.

We had our first real “baby makes us too tired to do much of anything” adventure on New Years Eve.  We usually cook a nice dinner and dessert but instead chose to cancel the festivities and head to my mom’s house instead, where we ate a really rich and delicious meal, followed by random cake that we had purchased.  We watched a tv show marathon before watching the ball drop – while K slept on my mom’s chest in another room, making my mom and dad the first to wish her a happy new year.

On Wednesday night, we introduced K to her first real food – mashed up sweet potato.  We had planned to wait until she was six months old, but she is currently able to sit on her own (with supervision) and has been showing interest in food for over a month (eating “imaginary food” whenever we eat).  We brought the high chair up from the basement, wiped it down, and sat her in it with toys while we made dinner.  We put the sweet potato right on the tray and let her play with it.  Well, let her look at us and play with her toys and the spoon we had given her, as she did not go for the food right away.  When she accidentally got some on her hands, hands went to mouth (as usual), and she ate!  And began sucking on her fingers like it was her job, as though more sweet potatoes would come from those fingers.  Two nights later, we tried again, and this time she was semi-interest but became more so when C put some of the sweet potatoes on a spoon and offered them to K (which was not how I had wanted to approach food but was a middle ground between force feeding and letting her get to the potatoes herself, which was difficult for her because her arms aren’t that long in the high chair).  Tonight, K ate with her fingers but then become fussy.  C offered her the spoon and K grabbed her arm, pulling the spoon to her mouth, where she used a finger to hook the food off the spoon and into her mouth.  She ate the whole couple tablespoons of sweet potatoes that way and only cried when C tried to put down the spoon at one point.

Besides the food, which has been fun, K has been pretty smiley and pretty giggly, both of which are great.  She has also been pretty awake in the middle of night (well, at least pretty-waking-up-multiple-times), leaving me pretty exhausted.  I think she is reverse cycling as she seems hungry in the middle of the night and has been taking less milk during the day.  I also seem to be producing less during the day which means my entire freezer stash is almost gone and I need to get serious about doing multiple and extra pumping sessions.  I had planned to pump more over the holidays but K’s sleep schedule changed and my normal high-yield pumping times became eating times for K.

After a chunk of time off with K, I was very sad to return to work.  It’s getting better already (because it has to and because there is something nice about working hard and playing (“playing”) hard), but I really miss our chunks of free time together.  Add to the mix that C was home with us for four days in a row and it was a sad night New Year’s Day night.

And as a final note and an aside, I’ve been following along with all of the various blogs and trying to comment here and there but also more exhausted than ever with K thanks to the weird sleep.