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QotW: What do we want to change in our lives if/when this all works out?

Because I want to have a future focus today, here is my list of things I’d like to change before baby comes, in no particular order:

  • Our dinner routine. While we eat at home more than a lot of folks we know and while we do a good job meal planning, we often find ourselves eating on the couch in front of a movie or show. This routine is mostly due to long and often late work hours that leave us feeling accomplished but drained and ready for relaxation and distraction. It won’t be physically hard to move dinner to a table, but it will probably be disorienting for a minute and we will have to figure out other ways to unwind between leaving work and nourishing ourselves.
  • The baby’s room. Also known as our all-purpose storage space, it is a spare room that accumulates junk like no other place in our house, often because we don’t want to walk the junk down the steps. It needs some wall patching, a paint job, new flooring, and a closet built… after we find homes for all of the STUFF in there.
  • Our car situation. This one might be a long shot, but we are the proud owners of two cars – one that is 12 years old and one that is 8 years old. And the 8-year-old car doesn’t always start. Or it starts, you go somewhere, and THEN it won’t start. Or… okay, let’s just say it’s not baby-friendly. Ideally we will have some solution in the next year or so (ideally we will NEED some solution in the next year or so).
That’s what I’ve got for now. Today is 9dpo. I was a little bit crampy yesterday, I think, but I don’t usually get cramps so unless they are really bad (like the end of the last cycle), I’m not sure I’m feeling something. Today my pelvic area felt burn-y for a little while. No boob changes this go round. Temperature dip this morning, hoping tomorrow spikes WAY WAY up and we can say it was implantation. I keep telling myself that no symptoms are just as okay as having symptoms (after all, see what last cycle got me?!) but it doesn’t help much. No plans to test just now and so far I am really okay with that. 




Green Mama-to-Be?

One of the things I often think about about actually starting to ttc is the way trying and then pregnancy will affect some of my exhausting green  and home owner endeavors.

Let’s see… I make my own laundry detergent, use a clothesline when I can, garden, do lots of projects around the house (green and not-so-green), and like to build things. Saturday I spent a good seven hours hauling cinder blocks to make a stand for my rain barrel, mowing the lawn (with a push mower, which is a crazy workout when the yard is as tall as ours was), weeding, installing said rain barrel, and doing some laundry.

And while not every weekend is like that, I like some of them to be. And I know that I’m not going to be so gung-ho when I’m potentially creating and/or protecting (parasitic) life. Also I realize I may very well not have the energy even if I want to. Because being green (and home ownership in general) can take a lot of energy.

Just ponder-y thoughts as I get ready to collect my first watering can of water from my barrel 🙂

Visits and Things

Family was here. Family has left. Post-visit sadness (and the reality of returning to work tomorrow) is settling in.

We had a lovely visit with some of C’s family finally getting to see our home.  We ate good meals together, spent time on our back deck, talked about plans for our house, and made plans for the future.

We also briefly talked about babies, and there was a good deal of support / acknowledgement that we may in fact begin trying soon.

Meanwhile, yesterday I got a letter from my endocrinologist saying that my “thyroid hormone is low” and including a prescription for a higher dose of medicine. Unhappy and going to call her because there were no lab results included, which really lets me know nothing. Also, it was a Saturday, so really I could do nothing. Also, while I’m all about optimal functioning (and am glad to be working with a doctor who theoretically is going to get me right where I need to be versus what is merely acceptable), I am not all about adding medication that I will become dependent upon without careful consideration, particularly when the lower dose did have such a large, positive effect that seemed fine. Also, why would my blood results show one thing just two weeks before (and in all my other blood work) and then be broken in my next blood test? (I do have a theory for this one, but it wouldn’t necessarily support increasing medication).

Anyway! Those are questions for this week. In the meantime, I have to work out or something today after a full weekend of nothing but eating and hanging out 🙂


Seems that the ttc conversation has led to increased motivation in other areas of our lives. As in… we want to get X, Y, or Z done before ttc… and because we are way closer than we’ve ever been before, it’s time to get into hyperdrive on that stuff. (Kind of like waiting until the night before something is due to get started).

So we are working on medical appointments that have needed to be scheduled (unrelated to ttc), rooms that need to be finished, vacations that need to be taken. Partly to get them done, partly to pay for those things now before the money-sucking-ttc-land takes what little we have left.