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14 Weeks / almost 100 days!

Not many earth-shattering updates this week.  K and I had our last day home alone together on Monday and ended up spending much of the day with C, who came home early due to some intense weather.  K got to spend her first Halloween with her cousin (she was a little jackolantern) as we visited a few houses in search of candy (because of a neighborhood event earlier in the week, only one house was giving anything, but that was okay for us!).  On Friday, we took K to the polls and voted, which was exciting for all of us (well, C and I mostly; K slept in the carrier throughout the hour and a half wait).  We spent time with friends Friday night, took a great walk together yesterday, and last night I went out for the first time on my own at night while C stayed home and had great success getting K to bed with the help of our bedtime routine (bath and books), a bottle, a swaddle, and some rocking.

K continues to be a “talking,” moving, happy baby.  We are having a little more trouble than usual getting her to bed lately but I think that’s because now that the seasons have changed and our room is so cold and so dark at night, I end up laying down to nurse her and we both get so warm and cozy that she especially does not want to leave.  C has come upstairs more than one night this week to find us both passed out asleep; on nights when we’re not asleep, she takes the baby and I end up falling asleep… and it. is. glorious.  So much for “adult time alone” in the evenings!  To be fair, though, I do wake up at least once, usually in the early morning, to feed the baby and I’m getting up before everyone so that I have time to pump and get ready for the day in the morning.

Speaking of pumping, this week went really really well.  Daycare did not need to use any of the frozen stash I had given them, my production was good when I pumped at work, and, since I’ve pumped this weekend, I am now ahead for the coming week.  The solution for me (so far) was being very consistent at work – not so much by pumping at the same time but by trying to pump the same number of times and trying to find an afternoon pumping session even if I was going to be the daycare pick-up person (because K tends to have a bottle about an hour before I get to daycare and then only nurses a little when I arrive / when she arrives home, so it seemed like wasted milk to not pump).  I also dropped the night pumping, which did not yield a whole lot, and added a morning pumping session between the early morning feed and the just-before-daycare feed.  Because it’s been cold and because it’s delicious, I’ve also been eating daily oatmeal, but I can’t say whether that’s done a lot or not.

Tummy time is going well – our daycare provider thinks she’s close to rolling and we see that, too, as she gets her body very high and really would only need to push off with one hand to accomplish the task. She is better than ever at grabbing for things and attempting to get them to her mouth though nine times out of ten she still only ends up with fist in her mouth.  She talks and smiles and still only sort-of laughs — I think we might have a bit of time before we get the baby giggle I’m so excited to hear.  She is significantly better at focusing on books and other objects (and when she and I read together I think about a support group we went to early on where a baby about her age now was so able to focus on a book her mother was holding… and thinking how nice that would be… and it IS nice!).  We are encouraging supported sitting and her balance gets better by the day.  Our biggest challenge these days tends to be keeping her entertained as she does get bored fairly easily (though even that is getting better as she is figuring out new ways to explore the world).

Just shy of 100 days in, I can say that we have officially left the “fourth trimester” behind, that we have an infant rather than a newborn, and that I am loving most moments of parenthood.  K is a delight to watch learn and grow and I can’t wait to see what fun things she’ll do next!