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Feed me Seymour!

Had to miss a training this morning to go, but we got to the doctor at 9:15. He promptly checked my cervix, noted that it looked great, mentioned my awesome CM and then did a quick ultrasound… 

… And saw nothing. No follicle hanging out on either ovary, which we learned means one of two things: (1) something is wrong with this cycle or (2) I just ovulated and we were hitting the perfect moment. He noted that he usually likes to inseminate just prior to ovulation and then left the decision up to us. C and I looked at each other and then I asked him what he thought and he said “Go for it.” Because basically it was awful timing or, in his words, “exquisite timing” and there is really no way to know except that I had a positive OPK last night that was negative this morning, a wide open cervix, and tons of great cervical fluid.

So we went for it. He did his sperm warming, got everything together, and returned, noting that we had an “excellent” sample (he seemed genuinely impressed, which isn’t something he seems to fake)

And it seriously took less than two minutes, with the bulk of that time being him asking C if she wanted to do the deed and C pushing the plunger. It was completely painless. I even bent around to look at him and say “that was it?!” before adding “that was easier than sex!”  He laughed and asked if we wanted our cigarettes before agreeing that it is an easy procedure.

He had me lay there for twenty minutes and, probably because I asked some questions, stayed with us the whole time, chatting, which made me more comfortable than focusing too hard on fertile thinking, though I still left room in my brain for that.  I asked the count – 60 mil! – and then asked a variety of questions about the procedure, what he sees on the ultrasound, and how he got into the field. In talking about it afterward with C, I think it was my attempt to further humanize something that is so medical.

After the 20 minutes, I got dressed and C snuck in a couple kisses before we returned to the waiting room. We had already agreed that I would come in again tomorrow for a cervix check to decide if a second insemination is worth it. So tomorrow morning we may be at it again.

Aftercare plan was a joking ” no housework, no laundry, get a back rub.” Which is to say he made no recommendations. Which in some ways is reassuring since I have a busy work day today.

We left the office feeling very accomplished and also hungry. Ate a quick breakfast together during which we rehashed “the event” (and during which C spoke of my open, ready cervix as being akin to Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors). Then it was off to work.

Now, a few hours later, there is some mild crampy pains similar to after having a pap (or an internal ultrasound).

I hope our timing was perfect and the egg had just made it to the uterus. I hope we get pregnant on this try. I also hope to survive the TWW!

more to come on after thoughts but for now time to relax after a 10 hour work day!