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Babies, Jobs, and Our Crappy Maternity Leave in this Country

So I might want to change jobs. Nothing definite, just something that’s been floating in my head… and there are now some good opportunities out there…

Doing so should be fine (assuming I got the job I wanted) but it would also mean losing the crappy maternity leave I have (as in whatever annual leave I have + FMLA) to who knows? And that’s not exactly a question you ask in an interview – “I’d really LOVE to work here, can you tell me about your maternity leave policy so I can go have babies and maybe never come back except I promise I will xoxox.” On top of that FMLA only covers you once you’ve been somewhere a year.

Which means we either (1) don’t change jobs for the time being, (2) change jobs and get knocked up (potentially) and deal with ramifications (3) change jobs and wait to try.

I’m starting to move toward “you can’t plan for a baby even if you TRY to plan and think you know what you are going to get” and therefore sort of leaning toward (2)… but it’s still a lot to think about.

And a STUPID maternity leave world that we have here.