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Life with our 4 month old!

I can’t BELIEVE she’s at 4 months already!  Solidly an infant, working toward becoming a toddler.

Rather than write the same old things that I write weekly, I’m going to steal this set of questions from Mama and Mummy (who may have stolen them from someone else, I can’t remember) for monthly updates.  I realize that this blog has quickly turned into how much I can write about K, but it has also turned into writing that I hope she will one day be able able to read (at least some of it), so there you go.


  • Describe what and how your child eats: K is still 100% on breastmilk and we plan to keep it that way for another couple months, having read about some of the benefits of delaying solids (and honestly being none too eager to make the transition to the bowel movements that come with solids).  She is becoming quite a delightful mime, though, who, when sitting on my lap at the dinner table, will extend her arm, palm open, “grab” air from in front of her (and off the table) and bring it to her mouth.  She sometimes makes chewing faces, too.  I hope she remains this interested when there is actual food in her hands (and I suspect that she will, she IS an eater).  In terms of the milk she is taking in, I have pretty much no stash because she takes almost everything I pump daily.  As in 6-7 ounce feedings at a time sometimes.  My daycare provider has tried to put breaks in between smaller feedings, but it appears that K is still hungry even with the break.  I’ve been regularly disappointed after gleefully sending what I think is a lot of milk only to have nothing return.


  • Where and how much does your child sleep? We do a bath, story (if she will tolerate it and she’s not too hungry), swaddle, nursing and bed starting around 8:30 and ending usually around 9:30 or 10.  I’ve been trying to wean her from the swaddle but even with just one arm out, she constantly wakes herself up.  So, at least on worknights when we are exhausted, swaddle it is.  She is in the pack-n-play in our room (she outgrew the bassinet part of it, but I’m not ready to send her downstairs to her own room).
  • Does your child have any sleep problems? While she was a fantastic sleeper, she has been waking up more frequently in the night.  For a while, I was nursing her during those wakings but have recently decided to hold off and allow her to self-soothe (she’s mostly grunting and shifting around) or rock her (well, C rocks her since she gets more fussy if she smells the milk she can’t get).  If I hear a hungry cry, I will go ahead and feed her.

Physical Development and Health

  • What is your child’s current size/weight: Her next check-up isn’t for two weeks (we got off schedule thanks to the doctor’s vacation last time) but we have attempted to weigh her and she’s about 15 pounds.
  • What about pee and poop? Same old, same old.  She will sometimes go a couple days between poops (and when that happens, I secretly hope for the next one to be at daycare because it’s always amazing).
  • How many teeth? None.  But they are trying to come in and she is gnawing on the fingers of anyone who comes in close enough range.  She is less interested in toys that are made for teething.  Human flesh is much better.
  • What, if any, health issues are apparent: None.

Activity and Motor Development

  • Describe your child’s gross and fine motor skills (how she moves around, grabs things, etc.): K still mostly enjoys hanging out on her back, looking around.  During tummy time, she is either super motivated, lifting and grunting and shifting (and scooting sometimes, in a weird army crawl way) or else laying down as if to say “you can’t make me.”  She has rolled to her side from her stomach but is not rolling over.  Her supported sitting skills are definitely improving.
  • What can your child do for himself? Not much.  She is better than ever at latching on, I guess, though her little hands sometimes get in the way.  She can grab toys and bring them to her face to nom on, especially her monkey rattle and giraffe stuffed animal.

Language and Communication

  • Describe your child’s language abilities:  Cooing!  And lots of it.  We’re both fans of listening to the little conversations K has with us, with other people, with her toys, with the air.

Social Development and Environment

  • Can your child follow simple directions? Nope
  • How does your child react to family outings and visitors? She is great with everyone still, and I’m okay with that.  She coos at, sleeps on, and snuggles with those that hold her.  I’m hoping she continues to be so friendly when it’s not so age-appropriate for her to be 🙂
  • Does your child play with other children?  She watches them at daycare.  That’s like playing, right?
  • In what ways, if any, does your child behave aggressively toward you, his siblings, his playmates, or others?  Not applicable just yet!
  • Does your child have a strong preference for one parent? I would say no, but C might disagree.  She looks at both of us like we’re magic wonderful people.

Toys and Play

  • List your child’s favorite toys and describe how she plays with them: Her stuffed giraffe, monkey rattle, and ball all go right into her mouth if she is given the chance.  She grabs at anything held above her head and holds on for dear life.  She still flirts with her light up kitty and the giraffe in her comforter that hangs on the wall. Her hands are the best toy, though, when nothing else is around and a good gumming is in order.
  • What are your child’s favorite games? Hand games.  She likes “So big!” and “If you’re happy and you know it” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
  • Does your child have a lovey? No, though she does really like her monkey rattle.

Feelings and Moods

  • Describe your child’s range of feelings (comfort, discomfort, pleasure, joy, anger, affection, fear, hostility, depression/sadness) and how she expresses them: K is pretty much calm and content much of the time these days.  Her happiest time continues to be the morning and bath time (she could stay in the bath for an hour I think).  She is fussy when she is tired or hungry or any of the other normal baby times to be fussy.  More and more I see times when she appears excited – like when a certain game is being played or she is getting certain attention.  She does the fast breathing laughing thing like she is about to leap into the air.
  • What is likely to upset your child?  Being hungry, overtired, or bored.
  • Describe how your child copes with discomfort, frustration, or other distress: Grunting, complaining (not quite crying but moaning a little), full on crying.
  • What makes her feel better? Cuddling, nursing, distracting.


What books does your child enjoy? Any of them.  She looks at the pages and colors and reaches out to hold the books.  We were given a ton of books while we were out of town with her and her mama and I are excited to be reading something new!

Highlight of the Month

I think the best part about this past month has been watching K become increasingly interactive, engaged, and able to self-soothe.  Which culminated with her being her super charming self with so many family members at Thanksgiving.  It has been great to get into a rhythm of parenting that allows for more shear enjoyment of our little one.