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Baby names: Question of the week / moment!

Do you ever find yourself holding your breath when someone you are relatively close to is pregnant / has a baby, sort of hoping that they don’t choose YOUR names?

Do you ever feel almost happy when they choose a name you would NEVER EVER pick?

I only ask because I find myself doing this quite a bit lately as more friends¬†get pregnant / have children. It’s not like we couldn’t still use the name, but sometimes it’s like grade school – you do something second and you are seen as copying.

I think it’s especially tricky in the ttc world because (1) you may have been trying / working on trying long before the other couple even considered getting pregnant and (2) they may not even know that you are trying. ¬†Which can lead to extra bitterness and annoyance if “your names” for a baby you would have had before they even became pregnant get stolen from under you.*

I have to admit that I have been close to elated when friends (and non-friends alike) have chosen names I would never in a million years choose. They may not even be names I dislike, just names I wouldn’t want to say over and over again.

What do you think?

*Can you tell I’m a little biased today?