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Insurance Woes

First of all, thank you all so much for your input about costs. It turns out our doctor is likely very high for what we will need, but we’re going to go ahead and contact his office to at least get a more definite “here’s what this flat rate covers” and try to price out some of it. I also think we will contact our local MASSIVE fertility clinic just to see what they offer. Because this ain’t cheap.

All these concerns because my insurance will cover NONE of ANYTHING having to do with infertility whatsoever. Ever. No matter what. Regardless of circumstance. Including blood work. Including the IUI (obviously). Including any other tests.

Which means our initial bloodwork, the magic testing we had done the first day we met our RE? Close to $2000. Yes, you read that correctly. Two. Grand.  The doctor’s fee, which included a super-fun ultrasound? Close to $1000. We are going to owe THREE THOUSAND dollars before we even get out of the gate.

I need to go hyperventilate into a paper bag now.



How much?

It’s been in my head for a while, so I have to ask:

Is there anyone out there willing to share (publicly or privately) about how much a total IUI cycle was for them? Including any labwork, etc. ?

Because our RE charges a flat fee, but it seems VERY VERY high to me. His rate includes whatever he has to do during that cycle, but I’m imagining he won’t have to do a whole lot (at least not at first) as so far, all fertility testing (which we had to pay extensively for as my insurance covers NOTHING) points to go.

So I’m trying to get an idea of a non-insurance cycle cost, not just the IUIs, which from what I’ve read of other people, seem to be significantly cheaper than anything we’d be about to pay.

This doctor gets rave reviews and is awesome-tastic but if it doesn’t work in 2 or 3 tries, we would be flat broke. And I feel like I’d rather have more tries at this point.


Happies and Crappies


  • C made an appointment with the RE recommended a couple weeks ago
  • The office was really nice on the phone
  • Their paperwork all says “spouse/partner” and does not presume heterosexuality (which is a LOT different than when we getting married and everyplace we worked with had us cross out “husband”


  • Although I’m at the end of my cycle, FF has decided it could not clearly see a time of ovulation. This next month, I’m going to be way more on top of getting up at the same time, just to see if that straightens things out.
  • My doctor that I saw last week called to let me know that I have hypoth.yroidism and she wants me to come in ASAP.

That last one is FREAKING ME OUT. Because of course I internetsearched the effects and while at first some sites were like “no big deal” others were like OMG-YOU-WILL-DESTROY-ANY-LIFE-THAT-GROWS-INSIDE-YOU.

C keeps reminding me that I do not have all the information yet (I see the doctor again on Monday) and has also banned me from further searching (which is a good thing, I think 🙂 )

Anyone out there have any experience with this?

Who has it checked out?!!?

Where is the magical guide for the path to lesbian parenthood?

I just need a book and then I can look at pros / cons / costs and make a decision. If you have that book and can lend it to me, that would be awesome.

Really I am READY TO GO and have NO IDEA where to begin. We’ve decided not to try at home (I think that bickering* over how to thaw the little guys would probably not be good karma for baby making) but I can’t figure out who is the next best person to talk to to get this show on the road. Ideas? Please? (Because the internet is always the best place to go to get direction on major medical / potentially life altering decisions).

Or send me the book!


* Bickering = the mild, I-know-better-even-though-I-know-no-more-than-you back and forth rather than some kind of subtle sign that we should avoid parenthood at all costs, I swear!