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The bewitching hour(s)

For the past three nights, K has given us sad sobs of sorrow for several hours between 6 pm and 12 am (usually 6-10, but sometimes we go a little long).  She spends part of the time cluster feeding, part of the time rooting and then refusing to feed, and part of the time just yelling.  She’ll get pretty close to falling asleep… almost make it… even drift off for a couple minutes… and then BAM! back awake and yelling.  We feed her, change her, rock her, sing to her, burp her, peddle her legs.   She seems by times hungry, gassy, fighting sleep.

All in the realm of normal, we think, since she does go to bed eventually and she is still (knock on wood) sleeping well during the night and is fairly peaceful and easy going during the day.  We have done a good job tag teaming (I feed her while C makes dinner; C rocks her while I eat, etc.)  and we aren’t really frustrated, but neither of us look forward to what seems, after only a few days, to be inevitable fussiness.  When she does fall asleep finally, we really should too, but I think we are both glad to have some alone, do whatever we want, adult time.  Including typing blogs, watching tv, showering, and even doing chores around the house.

Meanwhile, any tips to help soothe the crying?  Nursing is our go to when she is showing signs of hunger, but when that doesn’t work, what else has  been helpful for folks?  We’ve tried quite a bit of the “go-to” kinds of soothing, any outside-the-box ideas?