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19 Weeks, 3 days

Had the anatomy ultrasound on Monday. Everything looked good. Called the midwives today just to make sure. Everything still looked good.

Such a different experience thus far than my pregnancy with K, which included not hearing the heartbeat at 12 weeks and a cyst on the brain at 19 weeks (which ended up being nothing, as predicted by the midwives, but still could have been something and meant bloodwork and extra ultrasounds).  Also the morning sickness that seemed to last forever with K has not been quite as bad with this pregnancy.  I am simultaneously relieved and still a little anxious knowing that things can still go wrong, but, as with K, much less anxious now that I have the ultrasound and the movement and the everything-is-looking-good reassurances.

We haven’t talked to K about the baby yet, but plan to do so this evening.  I’m very excited to share this with her and at the same time incredibly ambivalent about the ways a newborn – a whole new person! – is going to change our lives and our relationships.  I have siblings, I think siblings are great (especially as an adult), but I also know very well the ways siblings can have an impact and I can easily imagine the way this new baby is going to change everything in ways we can’t even imagine.