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Inquiring minds want to know…

… what is your IUI experience like?

Not so much the step by step, but as you / after you inseminate, what goes on in that room?

For us, outside of the actual IUI, we are basically hanging out with the doctor. In general he is in the room the whole time and I would say we spend half of that time laughing and talking about all kinds of topics from medical research to old school reproductive medicine to the impact of having children on one’s life. Yesterday, the doctor brought out a plastic-wrapped sponge that was used in the days before IUI to keep the semen as close to the cervix as possible. Fascinating.

I think I am asking because in some ways, our time together seems almost irreverent. Yes, I am thinking fertile thoughts in between laughing at ridiculous conversation and yes, C and I spend a few seconds gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, but overall we are, like I said, hanging out. I wonder if other folks are equally talkative / silly / “irreverent” or if it is just us being strange.

So what are / have been your experiences, if you care to share?


Dream dream dreaammm

Two dreams last night.

Mine: C and I are laying on our couch. I have a strange looking test in my hand (it was sort of round and papery) that had a dark line and a light line on it. I have some sense that my urine must have accidentally gotten on it somehow even though the test may or may not have been meant for someone else. I make this observation to C and we decide to test again. Which somehow happens on the couch without any urine at all – I’m just suddenly holding another positive test. We look at each other and have this weird silence between us – like we suddenly realize the gravity of having a child or something. End dream.

C’s: We are at the RE’s office, trying again (this cycle did not work). The doctor is getting ready to do everything and I suddenly say something to the effect of “why don’t you try this time.” Everyone agrees that this is an acceptable idea and in two weeks, C is pregnant. She has the sense that I am pretty sad about this. End dream.

Tell me, friends, WHAT DO THESE MEAN (besides the fact that we both have pregnancy on the brain?!). I’ve heard of having nice positive dreams before a BFP but when your spouse in the same bed has a dream directly contrary to your bizarre but happy dream? Then what?

Baby names: Question of the week / moment!

Do you ever find yourself holding your breath when someone you are relatively close to is pregnant / has a baby, sort of hoping that they don’t choose YOUR names?

Do you ever feel almost happy when they choose a name you would NEVER EVER pick?

I only ask because I find myself doing this quite a bit lately as more friends¬†get pregnant / have children. It’s not like we couldn’t still use the name, but sometimes it’s like grade school – you do something second and you are seen as copying.

I think it’s especially tricky in the ttc world because (1) you may have been trying / working on trying long before the other couple even considered getting pregnant and (2) they may not even know that you are trying. ¬†Which can lead to extra bitterness and annoyance if “your names” for a baby you would have had before they even became pregnant get stolen from under you.*

I have to admit that I have been close to elated when friends (and non-friends alike) have chosen names I would never in a million years choose. They may not even be names I dislike, just names I wouldn’t want to say over and over again.

What do you think?

*Can you tell I’m a little biased today?