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Dream dream dreaammm

Two dreams last night.

Mine: C and I are laying on our couch. I have a strange looking test in my hand (it was sort of round and papery) that had a dark line and a light line on it. I have some sense that my urine must have accidentally gotten on it somehow even though the test may or may not have been meant for someone else. I make this observation to C and we decide to test again. Which somehow happens on the couch without any urine at all – I’m just suddenly holding another positive test. We look at each other and have this weird silence between us – like we suddenly realize the gravity of having a child or something. End dream.

C’s: We are at the RE’s office, trying again (this cycle did not work). The doctor is getting ready to do everything and I suddenly say something to the effect of “why don’t you try this time.” Everyone agrees that this is an acceptable idea and in two weeks, C is pregnant. She has the sense that I am pretty sad about this. End dream.

Tell me, friends, WHAT DO THESE MEAN (besides the fact that we both have pregnancy on the brain?!). I’ve heard of having nice positive dreams before a BFP but when your spouse in the same bed has a dream directly contrary to your bizarre but happy dream? Then what?


Temperature dropped like it should be right around now. Good signs all around, since this is theoretically the second-to-last cycle before all systems are go. Not a picture perfect chart, but lower to higher to lower temperatures make for a happy me! It’s nice to finally be a little less anxious about what the thermometer will read now that it’s not bouncing all over the place.

(Which is silly because I won’t be really using my temps all that much anyway except as a control-freak way to affirm to myself that I did indeed ovulate around the time I was supposed to on the cycle we actually try)

Ordered some nice OPKs online to go with the cheap ones. Will use this next cycle as a final practice before The Real Deal (TM).

In other news, the stress of all the part time work and full time work and life in between is getting to both of us. We definitely need a break and I’m glad to have some short and long trips planned this summer, especially because we usually work right on through June, July, and August.

Time, which was moving so quickly in April and May does seem to have slowed down a little. I’m okay with that except during my working hours… even though I usually love my job, I’d be fine with those speeding on by!

It’s true!

We have tickets to Hawaii for a family fun adventure!


Now that we are in 2011, definitely going to try THIS year if all checks out well with the doctor, thinking about finally painting the room that will belong to our future child, ttc is everywhere. Including on two television shows that we watched this past week, in which characters announced “I’m ovulating” to their opposite-sex partners before wrapping their bodies around their free and ever-available sperm source (or husband).

Funny how words /scenes that would never hit a nerve before suddenly strike a chord and lead to all kinds of tangential thinking about your own life, just as you are supposed to be relaxing into the fake world of characters.