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Warms my heart

Me: “I told [friend’s name] if I didn’t like motherhood, we could give her the baby.” [jokingly]

C: “That’s not gonna happen”

Me: “Yeah? Why’s that?”

C: “Because I’m in love with our baby already.”

[I realize this is mostly a “you-have-to-be-there” thing, but it is a happy thought for me and if it’s here I can come back and remember it!]


Continued admiration…

I realize that my rambling about my wife and children is probably a little exhausting from time to time, but I’m going to do it again.

Tonight we were at a friend’s house and there was a four year old we had not previously met. C almost immediately befriended said four year old, engaging him in a variety of games with the available toys. She is such a natural with pretty much all kids and exudes ridiculous amounts of patience. She is also highly creative and can use available materials to create interesting games and activities and really get a child involved in a world of imagination and fun.

While our ability to get pregnant (and whether it will stick) is so uncertain, it is wonderful to feel so confident in my wife’s ability to connect with children and, by extension, her future ability to parent.

Smiley. Face. 🙂


Babysat our 16 month old niece yesterday.

The only thing better than cuddling with a sleeping (and getting sick, unfortunately) baby?

Watching your wife cuddle with sleeping baby.