… to a lesbian conception adventure!

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So I did go ahead and e-mail my former RE.  He got back to me within a few hours (on a Saturday – you can see why I liked him so much as a doctor) and suggested a practice where he is still doing very part time (as in, not taking patients) work.  I did some research and it seems like a good place and more intimate than the really big places, so we’ll call and see.  I am hoping that now that I have a proven pregnancy track record and barring signs of secondary infertility, this next set of tries can be fairly straightforward without too much focus on fertility aspects (which is  one of the reasons why I would prefer to avoid big fertility clinics, even if they have had lesbian patients in the past).

We may or may not start right away, but I am glad to have some direction.  I am now trying to decide whether or not I want to get back into the temp-taking game as it will present a whole new set of challenges with a baby who sometimes wakes and sometimes does not and a mom who sometimes wakes even while the baby sleeps.  I was one of those few weirdos who largely enjoyed that aspect of TTC, primarily for the false sense of control I had as well as the cerebral connection it gave me to what was happening in my body.