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Walking the dog… one-year-old style

Our niece turned one earlier this week. Tonight we were in the neighborhood and stopped by her mom and dad’s house and visited for a couple minutes. On the way back to the apartment building (we had our dog and sat outside), C gave the baby the leash (obviously holding onto it closer to the dog) while I held her hand as she toddled along. She held onto the leash like it was her job (and giggled while doing it).

This baby SELLS parenthood through almost every interaction and this particular one was especially adorable and wonderful. I also love the fact that C thinks of ways to safely involve the baby in every day activities. She pretty much rocks at that.


Introducing… Wonderdog*

*name changed to protect the innocent

The night before we got Wonderdog (about three years ago), I was exited and nervous and very much awake. I remember thinking that things are never the same, but only rarely do you stand on the threshhold of everything changing. Although “just a dog,” Wonderdog’s would be our full responsibility – including when we wanted to go on vacation, stay out late, get uninterrupted sleep in the morning.

And everything did change. Suddenly we had a neurotic puppy who turned into a neurotic dog. None of my worries were really all that founded (and when they were, the issues were easily overlooked)… and shockingly Wonderdog usually does let us sleep in, we have had no problem finding a place for him to stay when we go on vacation, and we’ve been able to juggle our lives to come home and let him out before going out at night.

Heading toward ttc is a similar crossroads. Except once you start, you have to wait to know if your lives will be changed, wait to make sure the change is sticking around, and slowly build up to the day when where there was one, there is two.

And everything changes.